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Our Story

Stefano Lubiana Wines exude Tasmania in its purest form – from its soil to your family table.
Our environmentally holistic practices and care for our low-cropping Derwent River estate
follows through to the winery with minimal intervention meeting modern techniques. The
resulting wines are world class quality, to be enjoyed with hearty food and good company. 


Our Family

Celebrating 34 years in Tasmania


We're a proud fifth and sixth (our son Marco Lubiana) generation winegrowing family,
having established our blocks of vines on our special site in Granton back in 1990.
Prior to that, Steve's father Mario grew vines and made wine in South Australia,
and their ancestors in Italy before that. The vineyard lifestyle we've chosen
is rhythmic and cyclical, and we've learned to value hard work and determination.

Our Vines

Tasmania's first biodynamic vineyard

We were Tasmania’s first certified biodynamic vineyard, and have been cultivating
our vines using biodynamic methods since 2010. This means that our wines are free of all
synthetic treatments, additives and pesticides. Instead we travel the alternative path, stepping
back in time and using cosmic rhythms to ensure soil regenereation as well as effective vine
care through all phases of the year’s seasonal cycles.

These methods enhance our attention to detail in the vineyard and winery, as we are more
alert to the signals of Mother Nature and her messengers. Every season, we're becoming
more attuned to the synergies between our varied soil types, their organisms, the local
flora and fauna, and of course our vines.

While we have a strong focus on Sparkling wines as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we
love experimenting and exploring. Don't be surprised if you visit our Cellar Door to find a
Malvasia or perhaps a nip of Grappa tucked away behind the tasting bench.

Our Wines

The only thing that goes in is passion

Our much sought-after wines are the result of a passionate unrelenting quest for perfection.
This passion, along with free thinking and attention to detail allows us to create wines which
reflect this vision. Our focus on traditional and environmentally sensitive principals has only
strengthened our desire to create wines that have a unique and distinctive character, with
free-flowing elegance and quality.

With our innovative use of barrels, whole-bunch fermentation and wild yeasts, we hand
craft a distinctive range of wines. With most of our 26ha estate planted to the two great
Burgundian varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it’s no secret that with meticulous
vineyard craftsmanship and sympathetic and thoughtful winemaking, our wines have
earned a reputation as some of most revered and desirable in Australia.

Indeed, the fact that our Pinot Noirs have won Best Biodynamic Wine in the World at
the prestigious London International Wine Challenge on three separate occasions is
testament to the special site of which we're the lucky caretakers, and the expressions
of purity that we're able to offer from Tasmania to family tables around the world.

We hope you'll get as much enjoyment out of our wines as we've put into making them.


Steve & Monique Lubiana

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