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Stefano Lubiana Wines

Our Story

Our much sought-after wines are the result of a passionate unrelenting quest for perfection.
This passion, along with free thinking and attention to detail create wines which reflect this
vision. Our focus on traditional and biodynamic principals has only strengthened
our desire to create wines that have a unique and distinctive character, free flowing elegance
and quality.

We have been cultivating our vines under biodynamic conditions since 2010 (Tasmania’s first
and only) which means that the wines are free of all synthetic treatments, additives and
pesticides. Instead we travel the alternative path, stepping back in time and using cosmic rhythms
to ensure correct soil tilling and recuperation as well as effective vine care through all phases
of the year’s seasonal cycles.

With our innovative use of barrels, whole-bunch fermentation and wild yeasts, we handcraft a
distinctive range of wines. With most of our 25ha estate planted to the two great Burgundian
varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay it’s no secret that with meticulous vineyard
craftsmanship and sympathetic and thoughtful winemaking, our wines have earned a
reputation as some of most revered and desired in Australia.