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Monique Lubiana
4 June 2024 | Monique Lubiana

2022 Single Block Pinot Noirs - The World of Fine Wine Review

The soil type of each of the Single Block Pinot Noirs underpins their unique profiles. Our Ruscello block’s terroir is silty grey loam over white gravelly clay. The Il Giardino block sits over a cracking black and red clay base over patches of gravelly chalky limestone deposits. While the terroir of La Roccia is mostly terra rossa soil, with a crumbly red topsoil and deep red clay over marl clay with limestone chalk and mudstone bedrock. 

Reduced yields allow the vines to focus its energy to their root system, delving deeper and wider into the soil to absorb more minerals and nutrients. All three Single Block Pinot Noirs are vinified the same way, highlighting each individual terroir.

UK wine writer Sarah Ahmed from The World of Fine Wine recently reviewed these terroir focused wines in an feature on Tasmanian wines. To read the full article follow this link. Our 2022 Il Giardino and La Roccia recieved equal top points with the 2022 Tolpuddle Pinot Noir. Continue to read on for the reviews of our 2022 Single Block Pinot Noirs:-

2022 Ruscello Single Block Pinot Noir  -  95 Points 
'From a parcel near a small creek on silt over porous gravelly clay, anise and cinnamon soar alongside the deep-scented, sweet, ripe fruit. The palate is lithe, with supple acidity, black, red, and blue berry, cherry, currant, plum fruit, and subtle radicchio and mulch hints. Layered and expansive, warm terra-cotta tannins support. Sensual, with the balance and stature to age well'

2022 La Roccia Single Block Pinot Noir  -  96+ Points 
'A shower of fine, mouth-coating, millefeuille tannins, which cloak and enmesh the fruit, lending gravitas. With time and air, it reveals glimpses of a seam of red cherry/cherrystone, blackcurrant, and blueberry fruit, yet to be mined. Chalky, mineral acidity maintains the flow. Classy oak polishes to a fine sheen. Impressive structure from a hillside block on deep red clay marl over clay, with limestone bedrock. Embryonic.'

2022 Il Giardino Single Block Pinot Noir  -  96+ Points 
'Located adjacent to La Roccia, with a more northerly aspect and heavier silty black clay with gravel topsoil over clay and limestone. Emphatically red-fruited, with pomegranate, cranberry, cherry flesh, skin, and stone. Sappy green and inky floral riffs emerge. Sculpting bright acidity defines and animates the fruit. Graphite and chalk spray tannins cleave close, tapering the youthfully inscrutable finish. Great potential.'



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