NEW RELEASES: *2023 Primavera Pinot Noir & 2021 Chicane*

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Monique Lubiana
20 November 2022 | Monique Lubiana

New Aromatic Whites

We are excited to release our new Aromatic wines.

2022 Pinot Gris
2022 Sauvignon Blanc
2021 Riesling click here for our Riesling blog.

The Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Gris have been sold out for some months, almost having a cult following.  The Riesling is also selling out faster as more customers gravitate to unmatched and rare, biodynamic Riesling.

Reflecting on the 2022 growing season it was mild with lots of spring rains, a luxury our warm soils do not always receive.  The mild and long season gave the vines abundant time to accumulate flavour and grace, resulting in wines with highly perfumed aromatics, opulent layers of summer fruit flavour, soft juicy texture, and elegant soft finishes with a tiny tannin grip to compliment any dish.

Our aromatic wines are made with the same care and traditional methods used by the best French & German winemakers.  Tasmania has a very similar climate to Europe and through Steve’s heritage and his many travels and work experiences in France, Italy and Germany he has mastered the nuances of aromatic winemaking.

Precision, balance, and clarity in our wines are the results of A-grade viticulture, the wisdom of biodynamics and its capacity to harness the life force of our terroir and the cosmos, our winemaking experience, and intuition as well as the use of tight-grained Austrian founders and their capacity to deliver the perfect ratio of lees contact. Light use of sulphur at the perfect bottling window ensures quality and drinkability is retained.


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