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Monique Lubiana
15 April 2022 | Monique Lubiana

New Releaes | 2019 Chicane Malbec / Merlot Biodynamic

Malbec & Merlot are Bordeaux grape varieties used in the production of our 2019 Chicane.  Whilst we have been growing Bordeaux varieties for many years, production of these wines is small unlike Pinot Noir & Chardonnay that dominate the Stefano Lubiana Wines portfolio.

Pinot noir is one of the most graceful red varieties grown around the world compared to Malbec & Merlot that are more structured in their design and in most cool climates display deeper longer tannin chains compared to the Pinot Noir variety.

That being said, here at Stefano Lubiana Wines our Chicane is produced in a very elegant style where the tannins are very soft but persistent and the fruit buoyant.  Aromas of mulberries, plums, blackberries and boysenberries feature on the nose and these fruit flavours also populate the palate.  Fleshy, fruity textures with juicy natural acids excite the tastebuds whilst the fine tannins give structure and length and helps dry out the fruitiness adding savouriness to the finish.

The decision to plant Bordeaux varieties at our Granton vineyard came about due our vineyard being situated on an estuary.  Soil types that accompany these sites are usually poorer in fertility, gravelly and warm easily creating perfect conditions for growing Merlot & Malbec.  Originally we trialled Cabernet and Cabernet Franc but found we could not ripen these varieties consistently. 

Being able to grown both Pinot Noir & Malbec/Merlot offers more wine choices and at the same time provides a fantastic challenge for Steve who loves nothing more than exercising his wine brain.

We are closing in on completing harvest and we have experienced very mild long autumn days where rain has been almost absent, reducing disease pressure, and most importantly limiting stress for our vineyard team.  The next grapes that will be picked just before or after Easter are Malbec, Merlot & Malvasia. 

Enjoy the 2019 Chicane with your favourite meat dish, rustic been stew or cheeses you love the best.

Happy Easter! 


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