NEW RELEASES: *2023 Primavera Pinot Noir & 2021 Chicane*

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Monique Lubiana
19 April 2023 | Monique Lubiana

New Release | 2021 Single Site Pinot Noir's

New Releases | 2021 Single Blocks – Ruscello, Il Giardino & La Roccia

The time has come for the release of our beloved Single Block Pinot Noir's. The demand for these wines have risen over the years and we see these Single Block Pinot Noir's sell out in a matter of months. A very small-production of each wine results in extremely limited quantities of the Single Blocks being available. Please see below notes on the 2021 vintage and each of the wines.

During the 2021 vintage we had a small amount of rain however due to diligant work in our biodynamic vineyard our grapes reached phenolic maturity earlier so we were able to pick most our grapes before the rain. The vintage was also challenging as we were short staffed due to COVID-19. This will be a vintage we remember where all hands were on deck to pick and process the grapes!

The soil type of each of the single blocks underpins their unique profiles. All soil types are within 500 meters of each other, such a small area to have such differences in their soil profiles. Reduced yields allow the vine to focus its energy to their roots, delving deeper and wider into the soil to absorb more minerals and nutrients. Keep in mind all 3 Single Block Pinot Noirs are vinified the exact same way.



The Ruscello block is located near a little creek that runs mostly in winter through the middle of the property. The soil is a silty grey loam over white gravel and gravelly clay. The vines are mature at 25 years old. This block produces very generous and pretty fruit – exactly what most devotees love about Pinot Noir


Il Giardino

The block from where the Il Giardino Pinot Noir comes from sits over a cracking black clay base over patches of chalky limestone. Limestone is known to attract water and clay allows for valuable water retention. The block is located high on the hillside tucked away from the sometimes, harsh westerly weather. As a result, the vines grow with more vigour, producing structured wines with higher acidity and tannin profiles.


La Roccia

The main geological feature of this block is a large limestone rock shelf that rest in the middle of the block. It has red crumbling clay topsoil and has the highest elevation of the 3 blocks, facing northeast. The La Roccia, is always the first picked and consistently produces wines with the greatest structure and tannin ofthe all blocks, lending this wine to age well in the cellar. We recommend 10 years cellaring.



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