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Monique Lubiana
6 March 2022 | Monique Lubiana

New Vintage | 2020 Sasso Pinot Noir (26 Dozen) and 1999 Prestige Brut (8 dozen)

2020 Sasso Pinot Noir, 26 dozen, and 1999 Prestige Brut, 8 dozen.

Thinking of these two wines, the first noteworthy detail is these are definitely status wines.  Two icons of the highly desirable and respected, Stefano Lubiana Wine’s brand. They both speak of place, the environment in which they were grown and vinified or as the French say, Terroir, and both radiate precision, clarity and tension.

The 1999 Prestige Brut has had the luxury of decades to evolve, slowly unveiling its inner components that have now settled in to a well-formed dramatic sparkling wine.  Maturation at this level is not common amongst the sparkling wines produced in Australia.  Testament to the decision and foresight of Steve & Monique to swim against the tide and relocate their wine business from South Australia to Tasmania.  Proof that Tasmania, with it coolest of climates and chalky soils, can produce stars of the highest calibre.  Speaking of stars, they have aligned to deliver 1999 Prestige a one of a kind sparkling wine.  Very few Australian Sparkling wine makers can claim to match this standard.  A wine that will be appreciated amongst the most discerning connoisseurs and a potential worthy adversary to the best sparkling wine that Champagne can produce!

Enjoy with caviar dip, oysters natural, or a cheese soufflé.

2017 was the most recent release of the Sasso Pinot Noir produced at Stefano Lubiana.  So it is with much pomp and ceremony that we release the 2020 Sasso Pinot Noir.  It will delight its admirers to no end with its velvety blend of dark cherries and subtle spice.  A satisfier to all the senses, especially to the eyes with its dark rich crimson red, to the palate with the sensation of silky rich chocolate and, to the nose, a bouquet of the sweetest smelling reddest roses.  It would not be out of place in the company of some of Burgundy’s finest Pinot Noirs.

Here is wine where no amount of expense has been spared in yield reduction, oak selection and deployment, winemaking expertise and experience and very importantly a luxurious maturation.  A lucky and prized parcel of wine that has enjoyed the loving care, attention and consideration of its maker.

Try this exceptional Pinot Noir with crispy roast duck, Wagyu beef or a burnt butter sage gnocchi.


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