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Monique Lubiana
31 December 2021 | Monique Lubiana

This is what our customers say about Stefano Lubiana Wines

21st January 2022

Had this bottle of Wine 2008 (Alfresco Riesling) at the weekend and it was absolutely amazing, Thank you.
- Jeanette


25th December 2021

Wow! Christmas Day and have just had a Sasso 2013 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Both fantastic and wine of the day. But the Pinot Noir was the wine of the day - beating chassagne Montrachet. Few picked it as burgundy. Want to let you know that this is a absolutely fantastic wine. Just wish I had more (got the next few years…) Merry Christmas Paul


1st December 2021

Hi there

I thought you might be interested to know I had a Champagne tasting with friends and the Stefano Lubiana Brut Reserve sparkling came first. 

I do the event every year with about 10 girlfriends, we have a range of champagnes and sparklings we taste.  We always have an expensive bottle and then a few well known french plus some cheaper unknown sparklings.  The expensive bottle this time was XXXX. 

It's a blind tasting so no one knows what sparkling they are tasting, my partner determines the order, so I don't know what I am tasting as well.  We haven't tried Stefano Lubiana Sparkling in the tasting before, so it was the first time.... and it came first.  

Although I live in Melbourne, I am a Tassie girl, so happy that your sparkling did so well.   My friends have all now stocked up on Stefano Lubiana Brut for Christmas.

Last time we did it with XXXX, it did quite well, so interesting it didn't do well this time. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this, I know you already know your wines are amazing, but thought you might be interested in our results. 



note: list of 10 wines supplied and xxxx is a champage with a price tag of $330.


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