NEW RELEASES: *2023 Primavera Pinot Noir & 2021 Chicane*

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Sparkling wine has been produced at Stefano Lubiana Wines since 1993.  All our sparkling fruit is grown and made in house enabling us to exercise full control, elevating us to the status of authentic ‘grower’ sparkling winemakers, a rarity in this country.  Foudres (large oak vats) are used to ferment and age base wine transforming and softening the wines’ texture whilst creating layers of complexity.  We take the time and care to handle the fruit very gently throughout the winemaking process and allow the tiraged wine space to evolve and mature by maximising its time on lees, usually between three and fifteen years.  Celebrate with Stefano Lubiana’s genuine sparkling wines that are made for your absolute enjoyment!

Our wine is a dashing, naturally sparkling wine that expresses pinot noir’s velvety elegance.  Possessing pink hues, fine beads, subtle aromas and soft tannins style this delightful wine is a consequence of Tasmanian’s pure environment and Stefano’s winemaking brilliance.

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Our house style of sparkling wine is a multi-vintage blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that incorporates aged reserves of wines specially prepared to maintain its elegance, complexity and consistency.

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Our Grande Vintage Bruts are produced in a manner that showcases the vintage they were grown in. Only made in exceptional vintages, they are drier, more refined and complex than our non-vintage brut.

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